Going back in time

Going back in time

Going back in time

Not ones to confine themselves to a particular genre (unless it’s self-imposed), the members of ‘Peter Cat Recording Co.’ record soothing and rhythmic sounds that are sure to transport you back in time to when music had healthy heapings of improvisation and soul. 

With Suryakant on vocals, guitar and organ, Rohan on bass, Kartik on organ, guitar and electronics, and Karan on beats, the Delhi-based band dips its fingers into cabaret music, waltz, gypsy jazz, ballroom waltz and midnight moonlight car chase music. 

The slow and melodious melodies are easy on the ear and they take inspiration from everyday things. The band members talked to ‘Metrolife’ about  

How was the band formed and when?
The band was formed in 2011 when everybody made the same mistake of believing music was smarter than working a 9-5 job and making enough money to go party at ‘Poison’ in Hauz Khas Village during the weekend.

How did you find your sounds?
Drinking, crying and being overtly masculine to compensate.

Your music caters to a niche audience — how does that work out for you as musicians?
We try to cater to the masses but keep failing every time because we are too sickular.

Sticking to genres...
We don’t believe in genres and only do what sounds good to us. Thereby, allowing us to cross whatever boundaries that exist except the ones imposed by ourselves.

If you could go back in time, what time period would you pick and why?We believe that like all time before us, the time we live in is the best time to be alive. Where you live is more important. We wouldn’t mind ancient China, Rome or India during Akbar’s rule though.

Melodies or lyrics — which one is more important to you?
They both need to work together and each song has a different aspect in focus. 

Story behind the name of the group?
A restaurant in Calcutta + pharmaceuticals + menu.

Thought behind your art work and videos?
It’s all too scattered right now but our own dreams of now and the future inform most of our work. 

Are you full-time musicians?
Not at all but we spend 100 per cent of our time on our ventures be it bands, solo projects like or work.

One thing you miss about the past?

What themes do you pick for the lyrics?
These days, romance and death are triumphing over other things.As told to Ananya Revanna