New building for Kuda office caught in a tangle

New building for Kuda office caught in a tangle

 Authority functioning from rented building for 28 years

The Kolar Urban Development Authority (Kuda), which is tasked with planned development of the town, has been functioning from a rented building for the past 28 years.

The Kuda was known as City Planning Unit in its earlier avatar, when it took birth in 1988. It was then functioning from the municipal building. Later, it was rechristened as Kolar Urban Development Authority. Since then the office of the Authority has been housed in a rented building in Kilaripet.

The present office building presents a pathetic sight. It is dilapidated with walls developing cracks. The congested ‘office’ has leaky roof. Since there is no space for furniture, all the office documents have been stacked on the floor.

With a leaky roof and dampened walls, preserving these documents during rainy season is a herculean task for the office staff.

The office building has no parking space. Numerous people visit this public office every day. So much so that there is no parking space for the official vehicles of the president of the authority and its staff.

The office of this government agency has no proper water and supply and there is neither any toilet facility. The staff are compelled to discharge their duties amidst these compelling circumstances.

Incomplete work
During the tenure of BJP government in 2012, foundation stone was laid for the office building of the Kuda, in Tamaka Extension on the outskirts of the town.
The work on the Rs one crore building was completed in a span of one year. But, the new building has not been provided with water and power connection till date. Windows are yet to be fixed, floor has to be laid and the building has not been painted. The government has so far released Rs 84 lakh to Karnataka Land Army, which has been executing the project.

Meanwhile, there are also allegations that the building has not been designed prope-
rly and that poor quality material has been used for construction.

Even before its inauguration, the building has started leaking. Following doubts about the quality of construction, a quality test has been got conducted by the Public Works Department and a Delhi-based agency. But, both are yet to submit their reports. Hence, the balance of Rs 16 lakh to be paid to the Land Army has been withheld. This has further delayed the work.

Kuda has been paying a rent of Rs 17,000 per month for its office building in Kilaripet.
The work on the new building has come to a standstill for the past two years. Given the fact that money is yet to be released to the contractor, the work is likely to be delayed. The Authority, despite having its own building, has to shell out huge money as rent.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Kuda chairperson V Venkatamuniyappa said that the office would not be shifted before the Public Works Department submits its report.

“We have written to Land Army for completing the pending work and the balance amount will be released only after,” he said.