HackerRank launches job search app for developers

HackerRank launches job search app for developers

HackerRank launches job search app for developers
HackerRank, a programming platform for both technical assessments and programming challenges around the globe, on Tuesday announced the launch of HackerRank Jobs, a job search app for developers.

Speaking at the launch, Arpit Maheshwari, Product Manager at HackerRank, said, “This is the first ever recruitment platform that focuses on software engineers. Usually, developers send resumes and cover letters to recruiters and they might receive a reply or not. These job seekers also don’t know whether they are qualified or not.”

Maheshwari added that HackerRank Jobs guarantees five-day response times, automated skill-based code challenges, Q&A with engineering managers, and salary transparency.

“As of now, we have 12 Indian companies and around 18 US companies on board. The companies include Visa, Amazon and Practo, among others. Going forward, we will bring in more companies,” said Maheshwari, adding the registration process is quite simple unlike any other job portals.

Harishankaran Karunanidhi, co-founder of HackerRank, said the company thinks from a coder’s viewpoint, and not just from a recruiter’s perspective. “We have tried to create an app that joins both the ends of the system,” he said.

Unlike other job portals that carry a long job description, HackerRank Jobs is said to be small and easy to apply. “As soon as one applies for a job, candidates can request a code challenge from companies. They can then solve the code challenge and share their availability for interviews,” said Maheshwari.

HackerRank Jobs contains workplace pictures of recruiters. The product manager said, we asked recruiters to redo their job descriptions and send in workplace pictures. “Developers spend at least 10 hours in office, and the office space plays a vital role than the brand name,” said Maheshwari.