Crematorium faces encroachment

Crematorium faces encroachment

The land belonging to the crematorium in Bajpe is facing threat of being encroached upon.

The crematorium was built in the area eight years ago. Loads of firewood have also been piled up in the open. The local people also fear that miscreants would misuse the easily accessible firewood to burn dead bodies after committing crime.

The Hindu crematorium is situated by the Kaikamba-Malali road and is meant for the people of Badagulipadi and Tenkulipadi in Malali region. The crematorium is now in a pathetic condition owing to the negligence of the local Gram Panchayat. The incinerator inside the crematorium has been stolen by thieves. Hence, the crematorium has not been of use for the people of the village, who are compelled to go to Kandavar for cremation rituals.

Ganjimutt GP neglects

The villagers have alleged that the Ganjimutt Gram Panchayat has completely sidelined the work to renovate the crematorium. Though a committee was formed for this purpose, earlier, the negligence by the administrative staff of the Panchayat has led to the dissolution of the committee.

Abode of miscreants

There are high possibilities of the crematorium being misused by miscreants. Some people have chopped the trees in the forest area and have piled up the firewood near the crematorium. There was a rumour a few days back that some miscreants have burnt a body, using the same firewood. The people have urged the Gram Panchayat to take necessary actions so that the crematorium is not misused.