Terror global challenge, needs collective fight: PM Modi

Terror global challenge, needs collective fight: PM Modi

Terror global challenge, needs collective fight: PM Modi

Against the backdrop of major terror strikes in France and India recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Francois Hollande today shared concern over the menace, with the Indian leader pitching for a collective fight to defeat the global challenge.

Addressing India-France Business Summit here after Hollande spoke, Modi said the French President "is correct" in saying that terrorism is a challenge just like global warming.

"Fighting against challenge of terrorism is the work for humanity. All those who believe in humanity, they will have to collectively fight against terrorism. India and France believe in humankind. We together along with other countries will eliminate terror forces and terrorism," Modi said.

He assured Hollande that India is will stand with France in fight against terrorism.The comments came against the backdrop of two major terror attacks in India and France in the recent times. While Paris was attacked by ISIS in November, Pathankot in India was struck by Pakistani terrorists on January one.

Modi used the occasion to hail the French government, people and media of that country for continuing their development agenda even after the dastardly terror attack in Paris last November.

"France has shown the way to the world...Just few days after the attack, France hosted leaders of all countries (for climate summit). This is a brave act. I congratulate the citizens of France, especially the media there, that they supported the their government during the time of crisis," he said, adding said India needs to learn lessons from it.

About 130 people were killed and hundreds were wounded in a coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015. The Prime Minister also said the "trust and friendship" with France is an asset for India.