The script is the hero

The script is the hero

Gandhinagar Grapevine

The script is the hero

The best part about being an actor, says Sumanth Shailendra, is the opportunity to don a different character every time a new project is signed. In his latest venture, titled ‘Lee’, Sumanth sports a new avatar.

“I’ve grown my hair for this role and I’ve been through rigorous training in martial arts. But by the end of it, I not only feel that I am thoroughly prepared for the role but I think I’ve also learnt something new,” explains Sumanth.

‘Lee’ traces the life of a young man who plays three different kinds of roles — a mentally disturbed person, a lover boy and a martial arts trainer. And Sumanth says that it the variety that made him sign on the dotted line.

     “I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge because it gave me a chance to play around with different emotions and every scene tested my skills as an actor. I had to emote differently
in every frame and switch characters really quickly,” he adds.  

Much effort has gone into Sumanth’s acting. “I had to train in a Chinese martial art form called Wushu from 5.30 am to 9 pm every day for two weeks before I could say I was ready for the character. There was also a great deal of strength training involved,” he says.

The film required the young actor to walk the rope carrying 400 kgs on his shoulders. “This part of the training called for extreme concentration and a strong mind to balance the weight even as I moved forward. This training changed the way I look at a lot of things in life,” he explains. He learnt how to fight with swords, sticks and use other weapons. “The training was also a lot like yoga because it sharpens your mind. The training had become so much a part of my routine that I continue to follow some of the habits that I picked up during those two weeks,” he adds.  
Sumanth says he also liked the script of ‘Lee’ because every scene had a purpose to it. “It is not just enough to tell a story and entertain people. It is important to tell a story with a definite message. Every character has something substantial to
contribute,” he says.