Going green at home

Going green at home
Wrapped in a concrete blanket, standing amidst tarred roads and greying outlines, we all but helplessly watch as the City’s green cover disappears.

This isn’t anything new, it is a part and parcel of urbanisation, after all. But there are ways we can make a difference — without hugging trees and from our own home, that is.

“We live in a concrete jungle with almost no trees or plants around us. Bringing something green and purifying the environment close to you through your balcony is the best gift you can give your family and yourself,” says Minette Ranjit.

This is why she started ‘Greenthumbs Boutique’ in 2011. She and her husband, Ranjit, started the venture to develop a healthy atmosphere for people living in cities. Especially for those who don’t have access to gardens, they make green spaces even in the smallest of balconies.

Initially, Minette and Ranjit were just avid gardeners, but then they realised they could use this passion to help others. “Being an avid lover of plants and nature, we would spend hours on a Sunday working in the garden, creating bonsais, planting new flower beds etc. From this point on, we thought of making gifts for people as it’d be more meaningful and even did a couple of balcony makeovers as gifts. It started with family and moved on to friends and soon enough, customers started contacting us and we set up this place,” she says.

They combined their knowledge of plants with creative thoughts and began making terrariums, fairy gardens and selling products like herbs, vegetable saplings, flowering plants and more.

“Plants soothe your eyes, calms your nerves and put a smile on your face. The joy a flower, fruit or vegetable grown organically at home can bring is limitless,” she explains.

In times when space is becoming hard to come by, does Minette think a small balcony garden can make a difference? “Off course. We have set up a number of herb gardens, vegetable gardens and theme based gardens on balconies. We have specially designed balcony baskets for this purpose.”

And is it necessary to have a ‘green thumb’ to harbour a love for gardening? “No. It’s all in your mind that you think you can’t grow anything because you do not have a ‘green thumb’. With care and love, anyone can grow a beautiful garden,” she adds. ‘Greenthumbs Boutique’ sets up home gardens, vegetable gardens and herb gardens in balconies, terrace gardens and even help with enquires about how to maintain gardens in the long run. So instead of packaging gifts that might lose their value in the long run, you can gift a potted plant that will grow in to something beautiful.

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