BJP communalising issues: Poojary

BJP communalising issues: Poojary

Congress leader B Janardhan Poojary has charged that BJP is attempting to communalise all issues and has not even spared the students. 

Speaking to the mediapersons, he said BJP is slowly trying to communalise and saffronise the issues, which otherwise would have been simple affairs. 

Poojary said the JNU Students’ Union President Kanhaiya Kumar has done no anti-national activity for which he had to be harassed. The matter was hyped and given a communal touch by BJP. The students are after all students and if they have committed mistake, they should be brought to the right path. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and CPM leader Seetharam Yechury’s visit to JNU is again hyped for all unwanted reasons, he charged. 

Demanding an in-depth probe into the issue, Poojary said the videos, involving ABVP activists raising slogans, should be thoroughly investigated. 

He said the assault at Patiala court complex should be condemned. He said the rebel candidates from Congress should withdraw as there would be no major impact of the rivalry on Congress. Power is not permanent, he observed. 

He said the chief minister should auction his costly watch and use that money for development works. “If at all the chief minister is being questioned, the people who question should not forget the suit worn by Prime Minister Narendra Modi worth crores of rupees. The chief minister should realise that people will forget the issue, he added referring to PM’s decision to auction the clothes and use the money for development initiatives. 

“If the chief minister is prosecuted, the prime minister should  also  be prosecuted,” he insisted.

Poojary said former chief minister Kumaraswamy does not have any right to question the chief minister as it is his decision to wear the costly watch. A case is pending against Kumaraswamy on Rs 150 crore fraud in the High Court.

Kumaraswamy has also amassed huge tracts of land in Bidadi in the name of his aunt (mother’s sister), he charged.

The byelection result will not change the political scenario. The election results will also play a decisive role in the next assembly elections. Congress will surely have an upper hand in the forthcoming taluk and zilla panchayat elections, he added.