Mentally unsound man kills his kids, dumps bodies in drainage

Mentally unsound man kills his kids, dumps bodies in drainage

Says God prevailed upon him to kill them; arrested from MM Hills

Mentally unsound man kills his kids, dumps bodies in drainage

 A mentally unstable man murdered his son and daughter, packed the bodies in a gunny bag and dumped it in a drain behind a school, off Magadi Road, in KP Agrahara police limits on Saturday night.

The police on Monday arrested Shivakumar, 37, from Male Mahadeshwara Hills for the double murder. The victims Pavan Kumar, 9 and Sinchana, 6, were both students of Subhash school near their house at Bettamma Circle in KP Agrahara.

Shivakumar was employed at Om Shree Enterprises, a bags store at Balepet, for the last five years while his wife Tayamma works at an apartment complex near her house. Sometimes, Shivakumar would not go to his house for three to four days and would sleep at bus shelters and pavements. He has been under medication for the last few years as he would often lose mental balance, added the police.

On Saturday, he promised the children that he would take them to Dharmasthala and stopped them from going to school. After his wife went to work, Shivakumar killed the children by stabbing them repeatedly and wrapped the bodies in a plastic cover and bed sheet. Later, he put the bodies in a gunny bag and carried them on his shoulder. Several local residents spotted him carrying the gunny bag, but did not guess what was inside it. He threw the bag in the drain behind a school and vanished, said the police.

He called up Tayamma and told her that he had come to Dharmasthala along with the children. She grew suspicious and pleaded with him to return to Bengaluru along with the children immediately. He told her that he was on the way and would reach the City on Sunday morning. He did not answer  Tayamma’s repeated calls in the night. He answered  a call on Sunday morning and claimed that the children were missing and disconnected the call.

It took no time for Tayamma to realise that some tragedy had befallen on her.
He called up Tayamma’s brothers by night and told that his family would be happy henceforth as all his problems were solved. He told them: “ I have killed my children by God’s grace. God prevailed over me and hence I killed them. Now, me and Tayamma can lead a happy life. ” The brothers alerted Tayamma and the local police.

The police traced his location to Male Mahadeshwara Hills based on his mobile phone call details and went there. He was found sleeping in a bus stand and the police picked him up.

The police and his family members did not buy his version and suspected that he had kept the children in some place. However, he led the police to the drain where he had dumped the bodies on Monday, added the police