Stay in touch with hobbies

Stay in touch with hobbies

Personality development

Stay in touch with hobbies

For many, summer months are the best time to completely devote themselves to their hobbies. But what is a hobby is often misunderstood by adults. It is not so much for skill development, but rather for personality development, experts say.

According to Dr Aarti Anand, consultant, psychologist, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, parents who feel studies are incompatible with hobbies, may be proven wrong in the long run.

“Hobbies help children to use their analytical mind and utilise their energy in a positive way,” says Dr Anand.

She explains that hobbies can be allotted time, depending on the child’s age, studies, and other household matters. But even if once in a week a child in involved in his hobby, they will grow up to be more confident.

“If a child takes football lessons twice or thrice a week, it’s good enough. He may not grow up to be a footballer, but every time he comes home to discuss with his parents, about the match he will feel more confident,” Dr Anand tells Metrolife.

Parents sometimes may not take a five or six year old’s desire to learn something seriously. The hobby could be anything, but parents tend to undermine it. If options are available near their residence, they can let their child practice regularly.

“It leads to physical, mental and social development,” she says. According to her, adolescents and adults can also have hobbies.

When a child takes lessons at home, like guitar or keyboard that too it adds to their overall personality, she says.

Millennial parents may agree to all the above. So, finding a market in this space are web and mobile based applications such as UrbanClap and who have grown their business verticals in which they manage to provide tutors to children at home and otherwise to pursue their hobbies.

In April, UrbanClap has provided 30 to 40 families with guitar tutors only.

“We have partnered with experts and professionals with minimum four years to 30 years of experience and have provided a wide budget range from Rs 800 per month to Rs 4,000, based on the particulars. We realised that there is a massive need out there and hence we developed this vertical,” says Abhinav Sonal, vice president, UrbanClap.

Parents can easily choose the number of hours and budget and tutors are provided according to their feasibility from these websites. The most popular among hobby lessons are guitar lessons, according to Sonal.

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