A culinary journey back to the royals

A culinary journey back to the royals

Lost recipes

Varq at The Taj Mahal Hotel has organised a 15-day-long food festival that offers some of the authentic but forgotten flavours of the royal kitchen. Executive chef Arun Sundararaj, along with his expert team,has tried to recreate those recipes which were once enjoyed by Kashmiri Dogras, the kings of Travancore, the Nizams of Hyderabad and the Mewars of Rajasthan.Sundararaj, who has earlier worked with The Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad, shared his thoughts on the history of royal cuisine in India and the research that went into recreating the lost royal recipes at Varq. He said, “As I’ve spent a while in Hyderabad, I came to know about the flavours that ruled their kitchen at that time.

Adding some of our own elements to this extravagant menu, we have brought to the table a whole range of age-old culinary treasures, both non-vegetarian and vegetarian, that are sure to delight our guests.”

The menu features dishes like Pattode Ke Kebab, Tujji Chicken, Paneer Gulnar
Kebab, Nizami Saada Aash, Cheera Ada Curry, Noori Hyderabadi Biryani, Khichdi Rafat and unique desserts like Garlic Kheer with broken wheat porridge.

As Metrolife went to explore the regal dishes, we were served with welcome drink made of orange juice and flavoured with rock salt. Soon Dahi Ke Kebab with beetroot chutney, Tujji Chicken and Lahabi Kebab were placed on our table. The soft Dahi Ke Kebab served with the little sweet chutney melted in our mouth. The chicken dish was marinated in a sauce made up of green chillies, coriander and mint, and was placed over a crispy slice of bread. Lahabi Kebab was a lamb dish, made by marinating it with gram flour for over 12 hours. The use of spices like red chilli, fennel and garam masala gave the kebab a distinct flavour.

Next we were served with Saada Aash, which is lamb soup, but like no ordinary. The chef informed us that the soup was simmered for seven hours and was tempered seven times, once after every hour. With Lukhmis, which were small pieces in the shape of a samosa, and shreds of lamb meat, the soup poured over it, was not very thick in texture but was high on taste. The Lukhmis were a crispy preparation that went well with the soup.

In the main course, Nawabi Murgh, Khichdi Rafat and Noori Hyderabadi Biryani were on offer. Served with nuts and sweet mango chutney, Nawabi Murgh was a chicken roulade.

The khichdi had a good amount of chicken, duck and lamb pieces, with aromatic and balanced spices. The biryani, however, was the star highlight of the evening. With large and juicy pieces of lamb, the biryani was perfect in every aspect. Thumbs up from us!
The meal ended on a sweet note with the Maharaja of Mewar style dessert, aptly named Sweet Tooth of the Maharaja. With layers of Garlic Kheer and broken wheat porridge, the dish was little sweeter than what we would have liked.

So, drop in to the place if you want to savour the flavours of the royal kitchen. The festival is on till June 30.

Yogurt and Veggie Sandwich
*Onion – 30gm
*Carrot – 30gm
*Cucumber– 40gm
*Spring onion– 10gm
*Green chillies– 5gm
*Salt/Pepper – To taste

*Chop all the veggiesinto small cubes.
*Add seasoning and mix it with cheese mayonnaise.
*Spread the mixture on choice of bread.
*Grill and serve.

*Note: Generally served with pita bread.

Kidney Bean and Peri Peri Wraps

*Boiled kidney beans –80gm
*Boiled chick peas – 80gm
*Lettuce – 40gm
*Chopped onion – 30gm
*Chopped tomatoes  –30gm
*Chopped parsley – 5gm
*Paneer – 30gm
*Peri Peri Mayonnaise - 80gm
*Tortilla wraps- two pcs
*Oil- two teaspoon
*Serve it hot

*First boil kidney beans and chick peas, smashed it lightly
*Add chopped onion, tomatoes andparsley.
*Sprinkle paneer cubes, and top on veggies.
*Now take tortillawraps, spread Peri Peri sandwich mayo, make bed of lettuce leaf and top with prepared mixture.
*Roll the wrap and slightly put a layer of oil and grill.

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