Spice up the season

Spice up the season

Spice up the season

Watching water trickle down the window pane and enjoying the sight of the garden getting wet in the rain definitely brings a smile to one’s face.

And the next thought that comes to mind is ‘What should I eat in this amazing weather?’
This gloomy, wet weather is bringing out the ‘foodie’ in everyone. A steaming cup
of tea with something hot and spicy sounds like the perfect match.

To satisfy such cravings, many in the city have taken to ordering food at their doorstep, head out to a joint or make something on their own at home.

Sridevi Padmanabhan, a communication consultant, loves the rainy season. As soon as it starts to get cold, she pays a visit to ‘Chai Point’ to indulge in their hot tea and ‘samosa’.
She says, “The ‘Schezwan noodles samosa’ they serve with the tea is absolutely delicious. It is a combination of Indian and Chinese flavours, making it the perfect snack for this glorious weather.”

Sridevi grew up watching her mother make delicious snacks during this season.
The ‘raw banana bhaji’, ‘onion pakoda’ and ‘kara vada’ were some of her go-to foods.
Soham Shoney, a food photographer, loves heading out of his office to taste something hot and savoury. For him, it’s the ‘brain puff’ from Albert Bakery that adds the extra charm.

He says, “I heard about it when I went to Fraser Town for ‘Iftar’. A friend suggested it and I just had to try it. A hot cup of tea with the puff is absolute bliss. It’s crispy,
crunchy and has the right texture.”

But not everyone heads out to their favourite food joint during this time. Priya Shiva, homemaker and blogger, has to have a cup of tea twice a day. And during Monsoon, she craves something crunchy and spicy to go with it.

She says, “I usually stack my snacks in a container so that it’s easy for me to munch on whenever I feel like. ‘Mangalurean bonda’, ‘onion pakoda’, ‘kara sev’, ‘matar kachori’ and ‘masala cookies’ are some of my favourites.

If I notice that the rain is not that heavy, I head to the nearest ‘chaatwaala’ for something delicious.”Like Priya, Subhasmita Panigrahi, a blogger, also loves something hot and crunchy this time of the year. She explains, “For this cold weather, something ‘chatpata’ is a must. I recently made a ‘honey chilli potato’ snack which my two-year-old
daughter also loved. When I’m in office, the canteen prepares ‘bajji’ and ‘samosa’ that I just cannot stay away from.

If nothing else is available, some hot and spicy Maggi does the trick for me.”

As the Monsoon continues, some ‘foodies’ are looking forward to exploring more
places for the perfect snacks or to simply experiment at home. After all, that perfect snack and hot beverage are like a warm blanket this season.

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