Fresh from the oven

Fresh from the oven

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Fresh from the oven

With the number of startup ventures blooming each day, it looks like the city is garnering some valued ideas and success stories.

A similar story that is in spotlight is that of ‘Zzungry’ — a Bengaluru-based food company that offers freshly prepared royal Indian cuisines, handpicked from various parts of India.

With an aim to bring forth some of the hidden gems of Indian cuisine and curate them to people, this venture offers food on demand with a different menu each week.

Launched six months ago, it is the brainchild of Subash Baliga, Sandeep Rana and Ashish Kalya.

“Our concept was to create great food freshly prepared in a centralised kitchen and serve it to people in all corners of the city while making use of the ecosystem. As a name, the venture has two ‘Z’s in it, to provide a zing element to the Indian food and a zen experience after a meal to the customers,” says Subash.  

The founders believe in the fact that Indian cuisine is the most versatile in the world because of the way of cooking, the kinds of ingredients used, the geography and the weather conditions. Highlighting this versatile nature, the team curated a pan-India menu with the best of the dishes from different states and are now catering to its customers.

The venture works with a centralised kitchen located in HSR Layout that looks after the menu that is decided and that the food is supplied to different areas. It currently has four operational kitchens in Indiranagar, BTM Layout, HSR Layout and Marathahalli.

“The journey of exploration of Indian cuisines have just begun. We have touched
upon 12 state cuisines as of now and we focus on the fact that the dishes we select should be liked by a majority of people, so we choose the menu that has a mass appeal. We have a weekly menu where we cover three to four states each week and change the menu every Thursday,” explains Subash. 

 The team with their in-house chef, Chef Rajeev, dishes out an enriching experience for their customers who can taste some of the traditional Indian food at the comfort of their home or office. With some of the finest dishes like ‘bhagara pulao’, ‘murg nihari’, ‘tandoori kasoori aloo’, ‘Zzungry’ aims to bring back to life some of the forgotten or unexplored royal cuisines. 

“We haven’t come across any app with a pan-India format that we are trying to do, but there are apps that work on a global cuisine platform, where Indian cuisines are also clubbed in. But talking about a pure pan-Indian food, on an app delivered in Bengaluru is not seen till now,” details Subash. 

So how is this venture going to help people in a long run? “The fact is whatever food we prepare is not fast food and we ensure that the food is prepared only once the order comes in.

The use of premium ingredients (from the spices and vegetables to the meat) is another healthy point of the venture. So people can now be sure that whatever they are eating is healthy and fresh in terms of the quality,” says Subash.

“Honestly, there are a lot of challenges we face on a daily basis. The biggest one would be sourcing of ingredients, we are very particular about the kind of ingredients we choose, so that stands as a challenge and another challenge would be availability of manpower,” he adds.

Looking at the pricing that ranges between Rs 250 and Rs 300, they are targeting anyone who enjoys great quality food and has a meal on a daily basis or once in a while outside.

 “We have customers who are between the age group of 18 to 20 to even people with large families,” says Subash.