National highways to get new numbers

National highways to  get new numbers

The existing numbering system of national highways is about to change soon.

The Union Ministry of Road Transport and National Highways has proposed a new mechanism to make the numbering system of highways more scientific and easy to remember.

As per a report prepared by the ministry, highways from north to south will have even numbers and those running in the east-west direction will get odd numbers.

For example, the North-South Corridor starting from Srinagar and terminating in Kanyakumari will be named NH 44 and East-West Corridor starting from Silchar in Assam and terminating in Porbandar in Gujarat will be NH-27.

The primary national highways running along north-south and east-west directions will get double digit numbers.

The numbering system will be in the ascending order –– for north-south highways beginning in the north and for east-west highways beginning in the east, the report said.

The number of secondary routes will have three digits-above 100. However, there will be no separate number for Golden Quadrilateral or National Expressways, or various corridor highways. Now, the 80,000 km-long national highways are numbered as NH-1 to NH-235 and some have suffixes such as A, B,  C, etc.  The current system has led to confusion in several places as roads run parallel to each other, a senior official from the ministry told Deccan Herald.

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