In the company of friends

In the company of friends

My perfect weekend

In the company of friends
Weekends are a big luxury for most artistes, as there is no specific day allotted for our work. So whenever I am not shooting, I try and fit in ordinary things that everyone does on their weekends. In fact, given a chance, there is so much that I would like to pack into a weekend.

I love relaxing. When in Bengaluru, I love spending time with my friends — Naga Bhushan, Shamanth Venugopal and Poornachandra at home. The things we do include cooking ‘uppitu’, ‘chitranna’, ‘chapati and dal’ and egg items; visiting restaurants and cleaning the house. We go to the theatre and like watching good movies in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. We also watch movies at home, and sit and discuss them. I have two hard-disks full of films and sometimes, I just sit and watch them at home.

My ‘me time’ includes reading, where I read Kannada literature. I like relaxing with a book and understanding each of the characters. The only two English books that I have read are ‘The Alchemist’ and ‘The Fountainhead’; I liked them, but took months to finish them, compared to a few days when I’m reading Kannada works. I have been reading since childhood and I believe that it has helped me grow as a person and as an artiste.

Working out and burning calories at the gym is part and parcel of my routine. My gym trainer Srinivas Gowda has always encouraged me to stay fit. Gymming and swimming are great stress busters for me. I also love cycling around green spaces in the city, as these provide great relaxation to the eyes and help build a close connect with nature.

I love hanging out with random people and listening to their stories. I take time off on my weekends and hang out at a tea shop in 4th ‘T’ block, Jayanagar. It is really nice to see how many untold stories unfold then. Everyone has an interesting tale to narrate. Sometimes, they recognise me and then the conversation shifts to the film industry, which I don’t encourage. There are times when people remember me from my movies and say that I look better offscreen; then we share a laugh.

On my part, I never tell the people I interact with that I am an actor and I am always glad if they don’t recognise me. I like non-film conversations as these give me a window to the outside world. An artiste should grow in all ways and these little candid chats are my guide to what is happening around.

When I miss home and home food, I visit my brother Girish and sister-in-law Sowmya who stay in Bengaluru. Though they live away from where I am, I go and bother them at night, when the traffic is lesser and I can reach faster. My sister-in-law makes delicious food and I indulge in it with great passion. I also love spending time and having fun with my niece Bhoomi.

I usually go to my hometown, Kalenahalli in Hassan district, twice a month. This could be on the weekdays too in accordance with my shooting schedule, but I mostly prefer going on weekends. I always find this relaxing as the trip refreshes me fully. I always come back more energetic than before. The trips are filled with memorable moments spent with my father Adaviswamy and mother Savithramma. I also love spending time with my sister Rani and my grandmother Mallamma. I enjoy going on long drives alone when I’m in my hometown.

It’s a delight to be in Kalenahalli, as there is always something or the other going on there. From elections to quarrels among the villagers, there will be some new stories to lend an ear to during every trip. The people there are also interested in stories from the city and the film industry. I spend two to three days there and return really happy. I like spending time with people who really matter to me. The simple things in life interest me more and if I’m able to indulge in them, then that makes my weekend perfect.”

(As told to Tini Sara Anien)