Exchanging memories just got easier

Last Updated 22 September 2016, 18:27 IST

How about a place where you communicate with only pictures? Instead of typing out your reactions, you simply turn on the front camera and give a more realistic reaction — happy, angry, dissatisfied or whatever else you may feel.

Sahil Bhagat, a business student turned techie, has conceptualised the idea of a camera app that allows people to instantly share photos and videos with each other in real time.

The fundamental idea of this app called ‘Vebbler’ is that it is a platform where one can share photos of various events and activities contextually with relevant groups of people (referred to as clubs), without publicising that content with other people. “There are a lot of broadcast platforms that exist and they are doing well, but people share content with multiple individuals there. My idea was to create a place where people have more meaningful conversations with a club that one has created and ‘Vebbler’ allows that,” says Sahil.

Unlike many instant messaging platforms where people have communication on-the-go, this venture is more like a visual sharing app.

The main thing is to reduce the effort and inconvenience of sharing pictures that are taken with multiple people at events like weddings, vacations and nightouts.
This app reduces the burden of bringing the content together after events like these, to a great extent.

“The moment one starts using ‘Vebbler’, they can create a club for any moment of their life. It can be a serial event like a wedding or a vacation or an ongoing club like a college group or a workplace group. We have designed a social camera and not a regular camera, which prevents the photos from automatically getting saved in the gallery.

Apart from using different filters and tagging people in the picture, one of the best features is that one can select the club the picture has to go to. And while one is syncing their photos, others are syncing the photos they have with them,” explains Sahil.

As for his future plans, he wants to focus on improving the camera experience and add more features and functionality in the camera.

He also wants to make the collaboration with the user faster, easier and more accurate. The highlight of this app is that there is no option for text exchange, so if one wants to comment on a picture, there is an option called reaction. This can be used to take a quick selfie with whatever reaction one wants to give.

 “The trend of photo sharing is largely confined to mobile phones these days since there is so much content saved on the smartphone. It tends to run out of memory most of the time. In ‘Vebbler’, we shift all the visuals to the cloud and give users a great digital experience,” explains Sahil.

(Published 22 September 2016, 16:08 IST)

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