Brocade aims to expand DevOps by collaborating with startups

Brocade aims to expand DevOps by collaborating with startups

 Storage and networking solutions provider Brocade Communications Systems aims to tap more business with DevOps (Development and IT Operations) by partnering with more startups.

DevOps is the emerging professional movement that advocates a collaborative working relationship between Development and IT Operations, resulting in the fast flow of planned work (i.e., high deploy rates), while simultaneously increasing the reliability, stability, resilience and security of the production environment.

Talking to DH, Brocade India and SAARC Senior Regional Director Edgar Dias said, “Brocade works with a dozen of startups or ISVs (independent software vendors) in the area of DevOps. We are working with these ISV vendors, who can build custom-made solutions to address use cases that drive differentiated functionality across sectors like IT-ITeS, BFSI, Manufacturing, etc. These could be in the areas of security, performance management, and utilisation of infrastructure.”

“We have been working with these startups for more than 18 months. Brocade has specialised programmes for such partners. These startups are a team of 10-15 typically, with great ideas and niche expertise. They are people with very good programmability skills and willing to work on specific use cases and business models, and it does not matter from where they belong. This helps startups as they get access to customers who demand smart infrastructures and they are able to meet their needs through a DevOps model by partnering with Brocade,” Dias added.

On revenues from startups, Dias said, “These are six-digit deals. We’ve won deals greater than $100,000, thanks to these strategic engagements with ISV vendors. One such example was our problem-solving approach with a large BPO customer to optimise their existing resources and improve application and network performance through a fool-proof infrastructure using programmability, which ultimately resulted in huge cost savings for them.”

“It’s about development and operations and everyone else who is responsible for delivering and supporting a software system to come together, recognising that they have a single shared goal of building and supporting the best software they can as efficiently as possible, and working together as a team to accomplish that,” Dias added.

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