'Any role is challenging'

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'Any role is challenging'

He is known for his phenomenal array of work in Hindi cinema. He has some evergreen films like ‘Bobby’, ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’, ‘Bol Radha Bol’ and the recent ‘Kapoor and Sons’ to his credit. The veteran actor Rishi Kapoor was in the city for a fundraising event of ‘Rotary Club Foundation’.

   The event, which aims at providing free heart surgeries for young people, free cataract surgeries and holding Polio eradication programs, will be held on January 8.
In a chat with Surupasree Sarmmah, the renowned actor gets candid about his memories of Bengaluru from his shooting days, his inspiration and more.

Any memories that you have from your shooting days?

I have shot here since 1972. I have great memories of this city. My first film, ‘Bobby’, was shot in and around Bengaluru. Ramanagara was the location, though the place is more popular for the film ‘Sholay’ now, although ‘Bobby’ was shot
before that. I did a movie called ‘Zehreela Insaan’, which was again shot in
Chitradurga. So there has been a big affinity towards Karnataka. However,
unfortunately from the past two decades, not many         Hindi films are being shot here. Cement jungles, traffic and restrictions during shooting have caused a lot of trouble.

Your role in the movie ‘Kapoor and Sons’ was much appreciated.

How difficult was it for you to achieve that perfection?

Any role is challenging, it is not just one particular role.   

You are very active on Twitter...

I would say I am very impactful. I enrolled a year and half back and it is just a fun thing. I enjoy it.

Who is your inspiration?

I have taken inspiration from various quarters, I process them and put it in my work. My father has been a very big influence.  

Your favourite cuisine...

I generally like all kinds of food. But I would say Indian and Chinese.

Your favourite travel  destination...

I have travelled so much; I can’t choose which is my favourite place.

Your all time favourite music... anyone in particular you listen to?

Music is such a vast sea, I cannot pick a particular kind of music.

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