Smiling encounter

The three week old infant had a rash. She bravely bore it, albeit initially. So I prudently used the few hours she did sleep, to sort out the advice that I got – “Sunlight and air, and no more diapers, only cloth”, “the evening sun is very good”, “apply baby oil each time you change her”, “give the baby honey”, one after another. There was one common thread, “don’t take her to a doc, they only fill the little one with myriad medications, ointments...”

Unfortunately for the baby, the sun dried up her tender skin while the baby oil added another fresh round of redness – now the earlier rash seemed really not so bad! And so, I was outside the dermatologists clinic. I trudged in – my legs, heart, even brains felt heavy to be welcomed by a smiling doc. He smiled again when I mentioned that the patient was indeed the infant. He asked us a few questions, while he deftly examined her, all the while cooing to her. She smiled playfully back, enjoying it all thoroughly. Again a smile, while scribbling his prescription.

He then told us it was a mild infection, – “apply this cream once at night for two days.” He suddenly stopped smiling, and added – “this is for the mother” - I looked on...  He scribbled on, in big bold letters “DO NOT WORRY” and drew a smiley near it, this time looking at me seriously. It took a few moments of blank silence before I burst into a smile. I (and baby – whose rash vanished the next day!)  were smiling for some days after. He was definitely a doctor who could heal with his smile.

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