Calling all ladies!

Calling all ladies!

The concept of ladies’ night is quite popular amongst clubs in Bangalore. A ladies’ night is a promotional event where cover charge is removed for female patrons. On a specific day each week, clubs give free entry and free alcohol to women. While ladies’ nights are generally on Wednesdays, various clubs in Bangalore have it on different nights. While some clubs restrict the number of drinks to two or three, others provide unlimited alcohol. This is an attempt to increase the number of females attending an event. Ladies’ night is quite popular amongst young women in the City.

“Ladies’ nights are a great way for clubs to gain clientele. Women may come for the free or cheap alcohol, but if they like the ambience, they’ll definitely come back later. It’s a great opportunity to bond with your girlfriends without any hangups. There are fewer random men around, so if you are in a group of girls, you feel more comfortable partying when it’s ladies’ night,” says Radhika. “It’s a wonderful concept. I go for a ladies’ night once every two or three months. It’s great to dress up and party with my girlfriends,” says Leeneshwari.

“Bangalore is perhaps the only City in the country where women, irrespective of their size, age or status, can get great cocktails for night where letting your hair down is almost a necessity! I love the incredible mixers. On these particular nights, we don’t have to be worried about getting groped or stared at. My friends and I like to treat ourselves to at least one ladies’ night per month,” gushes Tuhina. “While I don’t frequent ladies’ nights so much, the main attraction is the free alcohol and the presence of a decent crowd. It’s one of those times that being a woman works to your advantage,” says Priyanka.

Ladies’ night has always been a sore point with men. In the United States, men have filed lawsuits challenging the practice as discriminatory. A series of ads in the US depicted men dressed as women to avoid paying for their drinks. “I thinks it’s unfair that my female friends get free drinks whereas I don’t. Partying works out to be way more expensive for me,” says Shantanu. “Maybe they should introduce a gentlemen’s night,” he adds ruefully.  

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