To welcome with good decor

To welcome with good decor

To welcome with good decor

Interior design for spaces such as a guest room of the house has become innovative and creative today. The cost for constructing or designing one isn’t much and you can either afford to have a nice space either created from scratch or renovated.

Sleep factor

The bed can be large to welcome two individuals and not just one. The comfort factors for beds needs to be considered; and the materials chosen should be of the highest quality. The soft furnishings of such spaces can set the design of the room right. One can create a whole different theme exclusively for the guest room or let it be in sync with the rest of the house. For fabrics, patterns and textiles, use the modern contemporary look that is well appreciated today. It can be customised to suit the occupant’s needs, keeping in mind the theme one wants to apply.

You can accentuate various design concepts for bedrooms by using nice wallpapers or wall art. There are many shades, designs and patterns available nowadays for the walls that one can choose from. By doing up the wall well, one can leave on the ceiling a simple design with nice and properly fitted lights.

Bold colours such as pink, orange or bright oceanic blue would make a statement. If one is afraid to go bold, then, try muted colours. One can use glittering colours combined with matte colours to make the room look fancy and stylish.

One can also use interesting colours of nature such as green, brown and blue to let the beauty of nature take the centre stage for a guest room of the house. It gives the feeling of nature being right inside the house.

Beige is another colour that has been a favourite for years now. It is timeless and works well as a base colour for exciting combinations.  There are softer tones such as the tones of black and white that are also trending now. They are easier on the eye and are relaxing too. Pastel colours that look very calming and relaxing, such as, grey, peach, lavender, mauve etc are also trending in the home decor arena today.

Visual appeal

One can also add decorative items such as stools, lamps, side tables, rugs and vases with simple furniture to add to building a cosy environment. These decorative items will add some life to a simple interior design and make the space look more
inviting, attractive and lively. One should keep in mind the welcoming factor here since guests need to feel at home; and comfort must be considered a priority while doing up such a space.

Lighting plays an important role as one needs to create a warm ambience and
indirect mood lighting makes the room look very warm. One can also have glass doors or use mirrors to make spaces look expansive. The straight-line method of furniture further enhances spaces in rooms.

The modern contemporary look today is in vogue, and has replaced bulky furniture that was a thing of the past. In fact, a make-do office space can be created in a certain corner of the guest room for not only the guests, but also the family, with light furniture pieces making way for some work that can be done at home or for guests when they visit.

Try avoiding having furniture colour and wall colour in the same shade. Instead, give a contrast to them. One should not use too many colourful lights in the room as it gives a tacky look. Instead, try using one particular colour of light or a chandelier to give a modern and classic look.

These days, the open bathroom concept is becoming popular, as more consumers are extremely cautious in taking special care of their personal space and like to spend their ‘quality’ time there. Bathrooms with huge glasses give a modern touch to the interiors. Bath tubs are the natural focal point as they make a dominant impact on the decorating style of a bathroom.

The placement of bath tubs in the centre, with wash basins has become a
necessity. This will enable an open and expansive sense of space as you spend some much needed time relaxing and unwinding from a hard day’s work. Glass walls between the bedroom and bathrooms make spaces look bigger and more open.

An extended outdoor shower accentuates the entire look as well. One can make guests feel very comfortable with added benefits of tasteful design for the
bathroom and bedroom.

(The author is owner and creative director, Studio Creo, New Delhi)

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