Resolution seeks relocation of Diddalli destitutes

Resolution seeks relocation of Diddalli destitutes

A resolution to urge relocation of tribal leaders and people sans shelter protesting at Diddalli was passed at a seminar organised by Kodagu Growers’ Federation, CARD and Zilla Panchayat at Palibetta on Monday.

CARD chief David said that self-proclaimed tribal leaders Appaji and Muttamma are involved in money collection in the name of the innocent tribals. “The district administration may take suitable measures to provide rehabilitation to bonded labourers. But people who have been working as daily wage labourers are being brainwashed and brought illegally into the forest land in the name of protests,” he said.

“The title deeds will be given as per the Forest Rights Act only if the forest dwellers were living in the forest before 2006. But, as Appaji and Muttamma have stated, the destitutes have come only six months ago. Adivasis from Hunasur and H D Kote are being brought to Diddalli,” he added.

Budakattu Krishikara Sangha taluk president J K Rama said, “The government is not providing amenities to forest dwellers living as per the Forest Rights Act, but the illegal dwellers are being given food and other facilities. The protests in front of Ashrama School have been affecting the education of the schoolchildren. Therefore, the illegal dwellers should he relocated soon.”

Zilla Budakattu Krishikara Sangha president J P Raju said that actors came to Diddalli to support the protestors without learning the real situation. The sudden concern by advocate A K Subbaiah on the evacuated tribals is surprising as the tribal farmers have been fighting for their basic rights from many years. Subbaiah’s statements are creating confusions. There is a need for a committee comprising growers and tribal, in the village level. Raju also demanded a probe on the collection of money from tribal by Appaji and Muttamma.

Maldare Gram Panchayat former president C T Biddappa said that the forest dwellers had submitted 700 applications several years ago to the Gram Panchayat to get the sites allocated for them. The government did not respond to their demands, but is now concerned about earmarking land for the tribals who have immigrated from other places.

The resolution urged to relocate the illegal tribals in Diddalli, to identify the real forest-dwellers, to provide sites to the traditional forest-dwellers of Kodagu only, to initiate action against officials who give false information to the government, to continue the prohibitory orders in and around Diddalli and to provide title deeds to the forest-dwellers who have been living from December 13, 2005.
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