Big reuse potential of waste oil remains untapped in city

Big reuse potential of waste oil remains untapped in city

Big reuse potential of waste oil remains untapped in city
The city generates 10,000 barrels of waste oil per month, but only 10% of it is recycled. By burning the unprocessed oil, a lot of soot and carbon is released into the atmosphere, which is hazardous to the people.  On Monday, Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) held a meeting with industries and recyclers on proper collection of recyclable oil and its disposal.

KSPCB chairman Lakshman told DH that very little of waste oil is reused. This, despite the state having 35 used oil recycling units, of which seven are in Bengaluru. He said, a vehicle garage acquires one lakh litres of engine oil a year, but not even 50% of it is recycled.

“Directions have been issued to form a committee comprising KSPCB officials, board members, members from industries, service stations, from bulk used oil generators, oil company representatives and recyclers’ association. A deadline of two months has been set to formulate a working plan and start collecting waste oil and sending it for recycling,” Lakshman said.

Another KSPCB official said managing used and waste oil finds a place in the Hazardous Waste Management Rules of Environment Protection Act, but little is being done. The waste and used oil is being let out in open drains or valleys. It is also being sold to industries to be used as combustion fuel.

Only one centre
At present, Bengaluru has only one recyclable oil collection centre in Yeshwantpur industrial area. Syed Ashfaq Ahmed, managing director of Khwaja Petroleum Private Limited and member of Karnataka Oil Recyclers’ Association, said there is no awareness among the people.

He said the Association, with the help of KSPCB, will open more recyclable oil collection centres, in north Bengaluru, Belagavi, Mangaluru, Mysuru and Kalaburagi. Ahmed said, 80% base oil can be extracted from recyclable oil and it is the best raw material for manufacturing lubricants. But people do not come forward to sell it as they think there is no viable financial market for it.