Aced by Trump

Donald Trump stymied my efforts in making my household cashless.

Ever since currency notes became scarce, I have been trying to persuade my better half to change over to digital mode of payment for purchasing home needs.  I taught the reluctant spouse to download app, transfer money from bank to the app and pay  the departmental stores.  Unfortunately, on new year’s eve, when BHIM app was launched, along came Donald Trump,   and stymied my efforts in making my household cashless.

“Look at this news.  Mr. Trump does not own a computer.  He does not believe in email.  He says computers can be easily hacked.  The best way of sending an important message is to write it down and deliver it via a courier like in the olden days, says Trump,”  said my excited wife. 

“That is not true. Even letters are opened by intelligence agencies with the help of steam and resealed. Computers are secure,” I tried to change her line of thinking.

“Mr. Trump says he knows all about hacking. If computers can be hacked, smartphones can also be hacked.  Our e-wallets may not be safe,” demurred the skeptical wife.

“Unfortunately, it was Trump who hinted to the Russians to take out Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails. Now this,” I said.  “The Russian hackers may take away our money from our smartphones,’ said my wife. “International hackers may be interested in billions of dollars and not in hundreds of rupees in our e-wallets,” I tried to reassure her.

“But,  poor hackers may be interested in small money that we hold in electronic form,” persisted the wife.

“Pickpockets and chain-snatchers have been robbing physical money and gold by threatening their victims with knives and razor blades.  Such thieves cannot take away our digital money.  The thief has to be a master in computer programmes to hack into our digital wallets.  In any case, there is no physical violence to humans when electronic thieves hack into e-wallets,” I pleaded.

“No thief has attacked me so far.  My money in my purse has always been secure.  Why should I now give a chance to electronic thieves to take away my e-money?” asked my wife.

“Think of the ease of cashless transactions. Consider how we communicate with our kith and kin within seconds by using computers and internet,” I entreated.

“What is not good for the President of USA, is not good for me also,” my technology-averse better half put her foot down.

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