Bridal makeover

Bridal makeover

Bridal makeover

There was a time when women went for elaborate hair styles, with the ‘set’, pinned up and sprayed look. But these days, the natural look is in. The latest styles have an ‘easy’ look about them. The obviously structured look is also out of fashion. 

Know your face
Normally, a hair style should be selected according to the shape of your face. Most hair styles suit an oval face, but very few faces are perfect ovals. A round face needs a style that will lengthen it. A straight hair style, with a centre parting would help. Get a style that adds height, but avoid styles that add width at the ear level. Keep the forehead free of fringes and curls. Hair falling straight down to your shoulders is perfect.
A square face needs to be softened with a style that falls around the face in soft curves and curls. Never pull the hair back or up, if you have a square face, as this would emphasise the strong edges. A side parting, with the rest coming down and curling forward at the jaw line has a softening effect. A soft fringe on the forehead works well with a long face. The hair should not be allowed to fall straight down, as this would give an impression of length. Instead, choose a style that adds width at the sides, if you have a long face. 

Glamour girl or traditional bride?
While some of us prefer the traditional Indian look with flowers in the hair, here are a few ways to keep your hairdo stylish. Pin up  a part of your hair while a part is left open, falling over one shoulder along with a cascade of flowers. Or even a single flower, like a daisy or any sunshine flower can be placed in a bun. Try small, shiny stones, or a diamante bow to adorn your hair. The hair can be decorated with fancy jooda pins, decorative combs and even a piece of jewellery.

For example, a gold brooch or locket can be pinned in the centre, if the hair is put up. Or, if you wish to go for a completely casual look, long hair can be left open, slightly tousled.
If you want a romantic look, have ringlets fall just below shoulder level. Cascades of flowers falling over one shoulder, as mentioned earlier, can also work  magic.
The hair should give a soft look to the face. Long, wavy hair, left open can be elegant and romantic. Large rollers can be used. Keep hair away from the face.
For cocktails and dinner before the wedding, long hair, left open with a combination of waves and curls creates a glamourous look. The style should be layered, keeping the length well below shoulder level. The curls should be towards the lower half of the hair.  

One style does not suit all
A hair style should reflect and suit the personality of the bride and the style of the bridal attire. The bridal dress and colours should also be taken into consideration while planning the hairdo. The texture and kind of hair should also be considered. For instance, very fine hair may be crimped or cut in a way that adds more volume. It also pays to take into consideration one’s height. For example, a tall person with a large face and bone structure, needs a full hair style. A short, plump person can use a style that is cut to jaw level, with a smooth look. This emphasises the neck and gives the illusion of height. These rules basically follow the principles of proportion. 

If you are keen on colouring, it should be done a week before the wedding. This gives you enough time to treat the hair for dryness. Do a touch up two days before the wedding, if necessary.

If you are sure of the colour and the highlights, you can even have it coloured a day before the wedding. Your wedding is not the time to experiment. Don’t try a new colour.
If you wish to experiment, try out the new colour at least three weeks before the wedding, so that you have the time to change it and condition your hair. Plan the hair style in advance with a professional hairdresser, so that the hair is coloured or streaked accordingly.

If colouring is over the top for you, you can have a henna treatment the day before the wedding. Henna adds attractive highlights on dark hair.  
For those who want to cover their hair, organzas, tissues and even sheer nets can be used for the odhni,  so that the hair style, flowers and hair accessories are visible. Organzas and nets are crisp, light and easy to wear.