Some work, some play

Some work, some play

Engaging activities

Some work, some play

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ — this timeless proverb rings especially true in today’s times.

     As work environments become more competitive and schedules become more demanding, people sometimes forget that work without relaxation is harmful in more ways than one.

Keeping this in mind, many workspaces are opting for fun activities at work, leading to a casual and relaxed environment.

“We have a lot of employee engagement activities organised on a regular basis. These activities are important as it helps in knowing other people working with us,” says Tanya Mulani, Internal Communications Executive, Swiggy. 

Activities like Zumba, cricket and volleyball tournament and hackathons keep the employees of the company engaged.

These monthly and quarterly activities play an important role in team building, says Tanya.

“We have something called as the ‘RED (Recognise Every Day) week’, where whenever anyone does anything noteworthy, the managers ring one of the bells hung all over the office and gather everyone to talk about it. This acts as a source of encouragement for everyone,” she says.

Agreeing with this opinion, is Neha Kripalani, a content leader at Pink Lemonade. She says that these activities make an employee feel valued and cared for.
“Today, it is not about the salary but about being relaxed at work, which is important to give one’s best,” says Neha.

They have a weekly activity called ‘Fun Friday’, where all employees have a meal together. For this, they can either order or make food and bring it. Since Fridays and Mondays are the busiest days, this break acts like a reward.

“These activities are extremely helpful. It is reassuring that the space you are working in is investing time in such things, apart from the typical corporate routine,” says Chandrashekhar Deshpande, a communication professional of Hacker Earth.
He adds, “Employees today are constantly under  a lot of pressure to perform their best. 

In such a scenario, these employee engagement activities help them a lot.”
Internal hackathons organised for the developers are quite a hit, he says.
They also have a movie outing twice every month and a sports day every quarter.
“Games like chess, scrabble, table tennis, foosball and poker bring everyone at
work together. A particular team or member is given the charge of organising an
activity. This  gives one the chance to interact with others.

It develops interpersonal relationships and also leadership quality,” says Chandrashekhar. Suhila Shetty,  marketing manager at Qwikcilver, says that there are different clubs in the company that employees can choose from, based on their interests.

‘Qwikcilver’s Got Talent’ and ‘QC Olympics’ are the other annual events that keep the employees engaged.

“We also have something called as ‘the painting talent’. The office allocates a room where interested people come and paint quirky art on the walls. These off-beat activities help us to meet people across different teams in the organisation and
expand our network,” says Suhila.

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