Take pledge to stop cow slaughter, says Jain seer

Take pledge to stop cow slaughter, says Jain seer

Take pledge to stop cow slaughter, says Jain seer

On the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti, who preached that non-violence is the ultimate religion, one should take a pledge to stop cow slaughter, said Sadhwi Sowmyaprabha.

She was speaking at the Mahavir Jayanti organised by the district administration in association with Jain Sangha at Kuvempu Kalamandir in Chikkamagaluru on Sunday.

“Mahavir has called upon the world to lead a life of love and faith. Implementation of his teachings can make a healthy society. His values are relevant at all times,” said the seer.

Inaugurating the programmes, Jungle Lodges and Resort Corporation chairperson A N Mahesh said, “Mahavir abandoned the throne at the age of 35 years. After conducting penance for 12 years, he obtained the ultimate truth and preached the same for the rest of his life. According to Jain religion, the real warrior is one who controls his senses and leads a life of non-violence. Non-violence is a great value given by the Jain religion.”

MLA C T Ravi said that one has to see God in every creature. Non-violence can win over the evil. City Municipal Council president Kavita Shekhar said, “Mahavir’s message is the most relevant in today’s world where we see lot of terrorism and war.”

Jain Sangh president Gowthamchand Sial, DSP Sheikh Hussain, assistant commissioner Sangappa, tahsildar Sivanna, ZP former president Rekha Huliyappa Gowda, TPS president Mahesh, CMC vice president Ravindra Prabhu and member Shyamala were present.

Prior to the formal programme, a procession was taken out from Terapanth Bhavan to the programme venue, via Rathnagiri, Hanumantappa circle and MG Road. Schoolchildren dressed as patriots and religious leaders, dolls and musical band, along with Jain women, children and youth took part in the procession.