With EC going for marker pens, MPVL may lose some sheen

With EC going for marker pens, MPVL may lose some sheen

Mysuru-based agency supplied its last consignment of vials for bypolls

With EC going for marker pens, MPVL may lose some sheen

The historical and the most significant Mysuru Paints and Varnish Limited (MPVL), which is famous for its trade mark indelible ink, is at the crossroads, as its major client the Election Commission of India is completely switching over to marker pens from the traditional vials and brushes. However, MPVL will supply the ink in vials to foreign nations as per their demand.

Chairman of MPVL H A Venkatesh, speaking to Deccan Herald, said, whenever one makes a mention of elections, one cannot miss MPVL, as it supplies the indelible ink, for marking on the fingers, across nails, of the voters as a mark of voting, for all elections in the entire India and also in over 25 foreign nations.

He said, marker pens are convenient, user-friendly and also economical. “There is no fear of leakages, spillovers or wastage. It is convenient to carry and to apply. It also saves time of the polling booth officials. While a 5 ml vial of indelible ink can be used on 500 persons, a pen with the same capacity can be used on 1,000 individuals. The expenditure on the ink will come down by at least 50% and the revenue of MPVL will come down. But, it is an upgraded innovation and technology. The indelible ink marker is a proud product of MPVL,” he said.

Last consignment for EC

The last consignment of 1,100 vials from the MPVL to the Election Commission was sent for the byelection held for Nanjangud and Gundlupet Assembly constituencies.

Venkatesh said, “The company was established in 1937 by Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar, the then maharaja of Mysuru, as Mysore Lac and Paint Works Limited. It has been a dynamic entity. With changes in its products and technology, its name has also changed over the years. It got its present name in 1989. In 1962, the MPVL was selected to manufacture indelible ink. The ink is a product of research conducted by the MPVL, National Physical Laboratory and the National Research Development Corporation”.

Besides the indelible ink, which is supplied in small glass bottles (vials) along with a applying brush, and also as marker pens, MPVL manufactures sealing wax; special railway sealing wax; road marking paint’ a wide range of polyurethane paints; thinner; a variety of industrial paints; synthetic enamels; metal, wood and cement premiers; aluminium paints and anti-corrosive paints.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while canvassing for the BJP during the general elections in Mysuru on April 8, 2014, had said that the MPVL was competent enough to manufacture the ink required to print notes, thus reducing the import and the stress on foreign exchange. The MPs of the region - Prathap Simha and R Dhruvanarayan - should remind the PM about his wish to develop the MPVL,” said Venkatesh.

“The MPVL needs new machinery and a new building. A proposal had been submitted in this regard for grants in the Budget this year. However, there was no mention of the MPVL in the budget. But, considering the gravity of the issues facing the MPVL and the urgency for a revamp to draw the attention of the PM and others concerned. And also to diversify and market the products in a big way, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has assured that funds will be sanctioned under a different head, for revamping of the MPVL,” he said.