Cosy, useful & pretty

Cosy, useful & pretty

Cosy, useful & pretty

Wall niche can be a tricky feature in our homes. Most new homes these days have at least one wall niche, especially in the living area. Sometimes, a niche is created to add dimension to a space or is used as a feature for breaking down a large wall. But more often than not, they can be rather challenging to deal with. If left bare, they can be quite an eyesore. And if unimaginatively filled with haphazard items, the niche can look tacky and uninspiring. If you have such niches at home and are clueless about what to do with them, here are some
effective ways to transform the space thoughtfully and beautifully:

Bring in shelves
Having shelves across a shallow niche is one of the most efficient uses of this space. We can decorate the space with knick-knacks, display awards and trophies, use it for extra storage and can change the most uninteresting space into something that looks planned and organised.

Perk up the space
Painting the niche bright and bold can be a style statement, but make sure the surrounding wall is neutral, else it will clash. The niche can be made to look a little extended with borders, using the same bright paint to give it a more defined look. The bright hues will definitely bring the dead space alive. Add metallic paint, patterned wallpaper or a stencil design to provide a visual surprise to a niche’s back wall.

Mirrors within
A combination of glass and mirror can create magic with a dead niche. Spanning the niche with glass shelves and adding a mirror at the back of the niche can add a new facet to the space. The mirror within the niche makes the room look bigger and gives a spacious and expansive feel overall.

Light it up
Glow lights or focus lights can illuminate a recessed area to highlight displayed art objects. By installing a light in the ceiling or the sides of a niche, the space can be brighter, without clutter. For multiple niches on a single wall, wiring a light into each area creates a stunning, radiant wall. Lights in a niche, if rightly used, can provide a gentle, calm space for you.

Add panels or murals
Have a custom-made wooden or MDF laser cut wall panel or wrought iron panel made to fit the space exactly. A beautiful mural can also be another option. But
if we have multiple niches all over your house, make sure murals are not added everywhere, or else, they will lose their appeal.

Make reading nooks
The nook under a stairway can accommodate a beautiful reading corner. The niche there does not have to be covered or hidden because of its shape. And if meticulously and aesthetically planned, it can serve as an open storage for coats, bags, belts etc. But make sure that these accessories are aesthetically pleasing too.

Say it with art
Your favourite piece of art, sculpture or pottery can find its pride of place in your recessed niche. Remember not to clutter the space. You have to make sure its visually appealing by arranging and balancing your art pieces. It’s also an ideal place for your photographs or paintings.

Try closed storage
When you run out of ideas for your niche, just transform it into a closed storage which seamlessly blends with your wall. Have a concealed knob so that it looks like a part of a wall and does not stand out. You can use it to store anything you want, without having to worry about aesthetics.

Drywall over them
When nothing works, make peace with your niche. Just cover it up with a drywall and make it a part of your existing wall. You don’t have to use it just because it is there.