Hubby 'divided' between wife, lover

Hubby 'divided' between wife, lover

Hubby 'divided' between wife, lover

One may have heard about division of property among the claimants but in Uttar Pradesh’s Agra town, a man was “divided” between his ‘gharwali’ (wife) and 'baharwali’ (lover).

The “division” was agreed to by both the women and the husband, in writing, in the presence of the officer at theSikandara police station in the Taj city.

According to the terms of the “division”, the husband, an auto rickshaw driver, would be dividing six days in each week between the two women. It was left to him to decide how he would like to spend the last day of the week.

The cops, who were witness to the agreement, said that the man’s income would also get divided between the wife and the lover. “As the auto drivers earn on a daily basis, he will be handing over his income of the day to the woman with whom he is staying on that day,” said a police official at the police station.

According to the police, the auto driver, who lived in Shastripuram area in the town, had married Ranjana (name changed) seven years ago.

A year ago, he came into contact with another woman, who often travelled by his auto, and soon they fell in love. The woman was also married but was having marital discord with her husband.

Police said that the second woman claimed that the auto driver had married her also, though in a temple. The wife, however, got wind of their relationship and created a ruckus, after which the hubby severed all relations with the second woman. The enraged second woman stormed into her lover's home and created a scene there.