'My knight in shining armour!'


'My knight in shining armour!'

Young age is all about dreams and these dreams fill colour into the lives of youngsters. There are many young people in the City, who have vivid dreams about their life partners. They have their own perceptions about their ‘would-be’ partners and nothing has stopped them from dreaming. Whether these dreams come true or not is secondary. But these dreams have opened up a new world for them, where they can visualise and give life to imaginary spouses. Many youngsters in the City shared their dreams and expectations about their future life partners with Metrolife.

Elizabeth Janet, a young lecturer in a nursing college has big dreams about her life partner. She wishes for her spouse to be from an IT background. “I know the problems and difficulties of the medical field very well. It deals with sensitive and risky issues and there is no space for private life. Hence, I don’t wish to marry a guy from a medical background. I wish my partner works in software domain, where work burden will be less compared to medical area. So we can share good times and understand each other very well,” she beams. When it comes to personal qualities, she demands for a broad-minded man. “Due to my nature, I have made a lot of friends and I love to spend valuable time with them. I don’t want him to be a hurdle between me and my friends,” she utters.
Vasudevan, a BCA student in PESIT, thinks it is too early for him to dream about a life partner as he has long way to go in his academics and career. He declares that his dream girl should be a typical Indian bahu. “I have no expectations, but only dreams about my future spouse. I don’t expect any quality in particular as she should be a blend of all qualities. She should adjust herself to the rules, customs and lifestyle of my family. She should look after my parents affectionately...” and his wish list continues. Does he bother about her background? “Yes, I will cross check about her family and culture. It’s better to know everything before marriage to avoid doubts and misunderstandings in future. She is also welcome to inquire about me and my family,” he avers.

Subhasish Deb, an employee in a BPO, has a clear picture about his life partner and he wishes his wife should be a ‘beauty with brain’. “I know the combination is rare, but my dream girl should be pretty and also intelligent enough to have her own identity. I will not bother about her past or family background,” he says. He further reveals his dreams. “I prefer a love-cum-arranged marriage through which, I can balance tradition and modernity. I will give her full freedom to take decisions on her own and will never try to dominate her."

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