Muslim law board has no right to impose its decisions, says women's body

Muslim law board has no right to impose its decisions, says women's body

Muslim law board has no right to impose its decisions, says women's body

A Muslim women's body has said that the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) should not act like a kangaroo court and has no right to impose its decisions on issues like 'triple talaq'.

The comments by All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board (AIMWPLB) President Shaista Amber came as the Yogi Adityanath led Uttar Pradesh government initiated the process of eliciting the views of Muslim women on the 'triple talaq' mode of divorce.

"The AIMPLB should not act like khap panchayat (kangaroo court). They have no right to force their decisions or recommendations on anyone. It is the decision of the court and Parliament, which is finally accepted," Amber said today.

Moreover, in the name of defending the law, three months counselling period mentioned in the Sharia (Islamic law) cannot be overlooked, she added.

Amber, had yesterday attended a meeting called by Uttar Pradesh Women and Family Welfare minister Rita Bahuguna Joshi to elicit the views of Muslim women on the issue of triple talaq.

The state government intends to place these views before the Supreme Court.
"The Constitution has given the right to equality to all...triple talaq is most unfortunate for Muslim women and the UP government, on the basis of their (Muslim women) opinion, will place its view before the Supreme Court," Baghuguna said.

Bahuguna said that equality in education, security as well as social equality are not just the but also a necessity for every woman.

She said there are several Muslim countries where triple talaq has been done away with adding that the Supreme Court was deliberating on the issue and the UP government will place its views before the apex court based on the opinion of Muslim women.

Those who participated in the meeting called by Bahuguna are learnt to have opined that the option of social boycott of those indulging in triple talaq in an arbitrary manner, as recommended by the AIMPLB, will not help in discouraging the practice.

The AIMPLB had earlier adopted a resolution saying that those who give talaq without Sharia reasons will face social boycott.

It had asserted that Muslims have a "constitutional" right to follow their personal law including the triple talaq mode of divorce.