Gear up for vacations

Gear up for vacations

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Gear up for vacations

Vacations are on in full mode and with it come the prospects of a family holiday. But summers can be as exhausting as they are fun and it is advisable to keep a few things in mind before setting out on the long-awaited trip.

Choose your destination wisely. Beaches are nice but the Indian sun is not. Keep away from crowded touristy places and take shelter in hill stations or other cool climes.

It is tempting to stick to tank tops and shorts in the sweltering heat but this only serves to expose your body to harmful rays. Wear cotton clothing and cover as much of your body as possible, especially while travelling. Sunscreen is a sacred ritual that should be observed at all costs.

 Plan for those hours
 If your destination is hours away, think up of fun games and activities for your child (or cranky adults) that will help ward off the complaints.

This holds true always. Being out in the sun and the accompanying activities will rob your body of moisture and those occasional party drinks will only hasten the process. Keep water with you at all times. It will also help you from mistaking hunger for thirst.
 Start with a salad
 When dining out, try to start with a salad or any other vegetable heavy dish. This will not only help keep you full but also help with digestion and ensure you’re getting those veggies in.

 Start early
 Vacations are a time to be lazy but make it a point to start your day early so you can avoid the sun. Stay indoors as much as possible during afternoons and venture out again in the evenings.

Stock up
Stock up on healthy and light snacks while travelling to take care of the hunger pangs.
Keep your medicine chest equipped for all emergencies.
While eating out, ask locals and depend on your communication skills more than Google.