Analogy between parents, trees

Analogy between parents, trees

It is an unequivocal and irrefutable fact that what we are today – our academic, professional and financial status, it is all due to the unreserved and unremitting care/efforts by our parents. Incidentally, some interesting analogies could be drawn between the trees and the way the parents are in life.

To start with, whether it is the badly pounding rains or the blistering sun, the benevolent trees bear all the brunt, to bestow bountiful shade/shelter to those below its green canopy. Similarly, the parents, even if grappling with physical, mental or financial turbulences, they try slickly ma­sking all their agonies, offering their children the eternal cozy and comfy life.

And, the trees not only shelter those underneath them, they also are abodes to creepy-crawlies, winged creatures like birds, insects, and myriad other living species. The parents, besides nurturing the lives of their own offspring, they try tending to other children, too, like their nephews, nieces, etc.

During autumn, when the trees are denuded of their lush foliage, it looks as if they are desperately waiting for chitting of new leaves, so as to get back to their task of shelter-provider. In same manner, parents, when even slightly indisposed, they keep getting restless till their robust health is restored, so as to resume their role as the real comfort-dispenser.

Next, just as even with exiguous amount of water, with no extra nourishment, the trees provide extravagant comfort to others under them; the parents, too, even if they scrimp and save, sacrificing their own comforts, they see to it their children’s life is ever shrouded in surplus luxuries/comforts.    

Finally, even when the trees are hacked down in heinous act by heartless humans, still, the hewn branches come handy in the crafting of furniture and other wood-works. Just like some of the parents, even after being neglected or deserted by their children, still, post their demise, they leave behind their hard-earned bequest – bequeathing all their property to their cold, callous children.

Sadly, both the trees and parents, while existing, are often taken for granted by many folks. Ironically, their tremendous value gets known invariably after having lost them forever.