Follow your dreams

Follow your dreams

“All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” (Walt Disney) Many of us spend much time in building castles in the air - in other words we dream of great deeds and accomplishments. It is a good thing to have dreams. Without them our lives would be stale, mundane and lacking in goals. We need to have goals and strive towards achievement of these goals. Otherwise, we can drift along from day to day and just accept what fate throws in our way.

St Paul exhorts us: “Stand firm, be courageous, be strong, and do everything with love.”(Cor.16) It takes strength and courage to change from our everyday habits. Love is a great motivator that urges us to move forward and make changes. Love may be for material rewards we hope to reap. Love can be inspired by consideration and empathy with those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

In the global crises of today, perhaps the most outstanding crisis is the refugee problem. Our love can be channelled to helping organisations which are trying to build a better world with more opportunities for these unfortunate people. Perhaps a person may say that he alone can do little to help the masses of people in the  world who are suffering from hunger, scarcity of clean drinking water, shelter and lack of education.

Yet, many famous people and popular bands have given concerts solely with the goal of raising funds for the underprivileged. We may not have the talents required to join these concerts, but we can give support by attending them and praising loudly what they have achieved.

In our own lives we, also, need goals to rise from the environment and social structure into which we have been born. Throughout history we have many examples of great men and women, who although born poor in uneducated families have achieved their goals and ambitions by sheer drive and hard work. The only things that keep a person down are a lack of ambition, lack of goals and lack of dreams. We can show love for the environment by not polluting the rivers or throwing waste paper and rubbish on the roads. There is ample pollution from cars and other vehicles without our adding to it.