Basket of blessings

Basket of blessings

People showed us what we meant to them through their silent support and presence.

“How did it go?” asked everyone after a major event in the family. This included those who didn’t/couldn’t attend as well as those who attended for a while. Of course, people who were there with us all through  were witness to the beautiful ceremony anyway. There were a few, too, who didn’t bother to ask. I guess each of these people are required in our world. 

Generally, once the festivities are over and the normal routine resumes, a slow stock-taking happens. A glow of happiness at the way things went smoothly, minor hiccups which got resolved, long-lost people with whom I bonded again, well-wishers who came to be a part of ceremony, thoughtful gestures like a quick hug, a pat on the back, a brief squeeze of hands, a blessing on the head, the delectable spread, and other small and big things which added to the sweetness of the function are recollected.

What stands out, however, are the people who helped unmindful of their time or other commitments, those who prov­ed they are truly “family and friends” by not just attending the event but also lending physical and moral support. Today, people are willing to offer you anything but their time. No one can be blamed for that. There are schools, colleges and offices to attend, bosses to be pleased and commitments to be honoured.

A busy city life takes a toll on us all. We feel guilty to even rest or spend time with people, and would rather work an hour extra or socialise online. When we receive an invite, our mind instinctively starts calculating the time required to attend the event by mapping the distance, traffic on the route and other logistics.

Earlier, functions were an occasion to connect and reconnect. Now, we are all connected, virtually. We “know” people on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. We cannot and will not give them our time outside of these realms. Most people make a “guest appearance” at family events, to mark their presence and would not really think of helping the host or participating full time.

What really brought on my tears of joy during this function were those people who partook in all the events. It wasn’t as if they were free. And even if they were, there was no obligation on them to stand by us throughout like family members. People showed us what we meant to them by offering their silent support that said “we are here for you, with you!” just by their presence.

It was even more beautiful that these were people from whom we had no anticipations. This means they came out of goodwill and not to fulfill any expectations. My heart soars like a bird when I think of my blessings, these “basket of people” who shared my happiness just by being with our family. Now, when someone asks about the event, I say, “It was beautiful!” It taught me the meaning of “being for someone!”