Gain new skills and experiences during summer vacation: PM Modi to youth

Gain new skills and experiences during summer vacation: PM Modi to youth

Gain new skills and experiences during summer vacation: PM Modi to youth
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday exhorted the youth to utlise their summer vacation in getting “new skills and experiences.”

Giving a pep talk to the youth during his ‘Mann ki Baat’ monthly radio programme, he also encouraged them to pack up their bags and go out to see “new places,” instead of staying back at their homes during the vacation.

“Would you like to use this time of vacation gainfully? I offer three suggestions, it will be good if you follow all of the three but then try to do atleast one of the three. See that you gain a new experience. Try to take the opportunity of acquiring a new skill. Try to experience something that you have neither heard before , nor seen, nor thought of and yet there is a curiosity in your mind. You must try new places, new experiences and new skills,” he said.

Prime Minister also show them an easy way to make some quick money, saying they can earn Rs 200 per day just by making 20 new persons download BHIM app on their mobile phones and start digital transactions.

“If the new member does three transactions, performs financial business thrice, you stand to earn ten rupees for that. Ten rupees will be credited to your account from the government. If you involve twenty persons in a day, by evening, you would’ve earned two hundred rupees. The traders can earn, so can students,” he said. This scheme is valid till October 14.

“It will be your contribution towards making of a digital India. You’ll become a sentinel of New India. The joy of a vacation coupled with income! Refer and earn,” he added.

Mooting several ideas for the youth to help them utilise their summer vacation in “trying new things,” he wondered if they could think of travelling in a second class railway compartment without a reservation “for at least a 24 hours ride.”

“What great experience it will be? How are the lives of your co- passengers, what do they do at the station when they alight from the train? What you cannot learn in a year, you will learn in that crowded train travelling without any reservation for 24 hours! You might not get to sleep and have to travel standing. Try it, just experience it once,” he said.