RAF rushed to Saharanpur

RAF rushed to Saharanpur

Caste-based clashes: Authorities impose Section 144

RAF rushed to Saharanpur

 The Centre on Thursday rushed four companies of the Rapid Action Force to Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur where caste-based clashes have claimed two lives this month.

The decision to deploy the force came after fresh clashes erupted in the past two days as upper caste Thakurs targeted Dalits who were returning from a rally addressed by BSP chief Mayawati on Tuesday.
Sources said the RAF deployment was to ensure that such sectarian clashes do not recur.

After the Ministry of Home Affairs sought a report on the violence, the state government informed the Centre about the incidents. It also mentioned the measures taken by the state to ensure peace in the troubled localities. On May 5, one person was killed and at least 15 others, including a police officer, were injured as members of the two communities clashed over loud music being played during a procession.

Clashes erupted again on May 23, leading to the death of another person and injuring four. Three persons were injured in fresh violence on Wednesday.

Last Sunday, around 5,000 Dalits, led by the Bhim Army, protested in Delhi against the violence in Saharanpur.

They demanded that cases be registered against those who had perpetrated violence against the Dalits, and the families of the victims to be awarded compensation of Rs 10 lakh each.