High on biryani

High on biryani

High on biryani

Julia Child might have said ‘people who love to eat are always the best people’ but Bengaluru Biryani Club believes that people who love to eat ‘biryani’ are the best.

The club was formed less than a month ago and the members are only happy to share their love for ‘biryani’.

Vinay Nagaraju, one of the founding members, explains, “Almost everyone, who is a part of this club, is also part of other food groups in the city. Whenever we asked for a recommendation online, we would get mixed reviews about the place. It so happened that once when one of us wanted to know about the best ‘biryani’ places in the city, we didn’t get what we were looking for. That’s when Renukesh, Navneeth and I decided to form a club exclusively for ‘biryani’ lovers.” 

When the group met recently, they decided to  have ‘biryani’ for breakfast.

Navneeth Thimmappa, another founding member, says, “The concept of having ‘biryani’ for breakfast is catching on the in the city. Many of us had heard about the awesome ‘biryani’ served in Hoskote, but we could  not have it. So we decided to make it happen at our first meetup and it was a very successful one.”

Renukesh Bingeri, an IT consultant, adds, “‘Biryani’ is a major part of our culture and there are plenty of varieties out there to try. That’s why this club has become a one-stop solution for ‘biryani’ lovers.

We also have a WhatsApp group where we discuss about it. We talk only and only about ‘biryanis’.”

Bharati Aravathagi, an engineer by profession, joined the group at their previous get-together.  She says, “I was invited by a friend and I am so glad that I did. It was a great crowd and I got to try different varieties of the dish that I hadn’t had before. I look forward to the next event which is happening this weekend.” Sumedha Govindaraya, a food blogger, says, “I have been to several food meetups but it’s always been the same group of people. This was a refreshing change as we could meet people from different walks of life. I loved the fact that we could mingle with everyone around.”

Talking about her love for ‘biryani’ is food blogger Sangamitra Gupta. “I grew up eating the ‘biryani’ available in Kolkata. When I moved to Hyderabad, I tried their version as well. But it was after I came here that I came to know about the different types available. I have so much more to explore and I’m thrilled that this club is enabling me to do just that,” she expresses.

The members are from different professional and personal background and they  hope to meet as often as they can. Vinay adds, “The idea is to ensure that we try everything related to this glorious dish. We welcome recommendations from everybody and hope to cover everything we can. After all, ‘biryani’ has the mystical power to make one do anything they want to.”

(The club can be contacted at 9686500765)

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