Sledging in Switzerland

Sledging in Switzerland

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Sledging in Switzerland

We visited Switzerland, a land of picturesque locales, as part of our Europe trip. We started the trip with Germany, where we stayed with our son who was on deputation there. We then left for Switzerland from Stuttgart by road, along with my son’s colleagues.

For this trip, we had accommodation for three days in a farmhouse, close to Zurich, with five bedrooms, kitchen and dining room.

On day one, we started early in the morning and headed straight to Mount Titlis. The 10,000 feet-high mountain can be reached by cable car. One will be mesmerised by the scenic view during the one-and-a-half-hour ride. The snow capped mountain offers a greyscale landscape. One can do sledging and also play in the snow.

There is a restaurant on the top that offers European food. Outside the restaurant, one can see people posing for selfies in front of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol’s cutouts from the film ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’. One of the scenes from the movie was shot at this place. We had a good time there till about 4 pm and returned to the farmhouse.

The second day of our trip started at around 7 am with a one-hour journey to Blausee. The water there is a clear blue and there is an interesting story behind the lake being blue in colour. After spending some time there, we moved towards Trummelbach Falls. I must really appreciate the engineering, especially the path constructed inside the caves to view the falls. There are ten viewpoints in total.

Our next destination was Interlaken city meaning ‘in between two lakes’. The day ended with some

The next day, a frog’s croaking in the morning was our alarm. It was raining and we had no choice but to start our journey in the rain. We travelled to Lucerne, an old city, which was around 70 km from our farmhouse.

There is the famous Chapel Bridge there, decorated with flowers on either side, a river flowing beneath it and shelter over the bridge to protect from sun or rain. Since it was raining, we could not explore the entire city.

We then moved towards Zurich where we visited a church. We then left for our next and final destination, ‘Rhine Falls’. The bluish water was gushing down with all its might, making a
roaring sound. We took a motorboat to reach a rock in the middle.

As our trip came to an end, we left with fond memories of our beautiful Swiss sojourn and a smile on our faces.

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