Rs 67.18 lakh spent on Dasara Janotsava

Rs 67.18 lakh spent on Dasara Janotsava

The details of expenses of Madikeri Dasara Janotsava for the year 2016-17 were presented at the audit meeting at Kaveri Kalakshetra in the city on Thursday.

Committee general secretary Chummi Devaiah said Dasara Janotsava was organised at a cost of Rs 67.18 lakh.

He gave the following details: Rs 2 lakh was spent on Karaga, Rs 19 lakh on Dashamantapas,  Rs 23 lakh for gallery and lighting arrangements, Rs 40,000 for city decoration and poets’ symposium,  Rs 8 lakh for cultural programmes, Rs 4 lakh for medals and prizes, Rs 2.50 lakh for Rasasanje programme, Rs 1 lakh for Dasara Sports meet and Rs 1.20 lakh on food, lodging and travel.

The other expenses were: Rs 50,000 for flower arrangements,  Rs 1.9 lakh for banking expenses, Rs 24,000 on travel expenses of the delegation to Bengaluru, Rs 25,000 on CCTV cameras, Rs 10,000  for  website maintenance, Rs 20,000 on grill construction around pump lake, Rs 1.13 lakh for tender EMD repayments, Rs 35,000 on puja expenses, Rs 25,000 for parking fee repayments and Rs 20,000 for auditing costs.

Member Umesh Subramani said there is a need to introduce corrections to the Dasara Committee’s bylaw. Chummi Devaiah said the committee members had requested the government for more grants. Though it was assured that Rs 75 lakh will be sanctioned, only Rs 60 lakh was released  later and Rs 2.31 lakh was collected from public.

Mahesh Jaini and Arun Kumar urged to make preparations three months in advance for Dasara this time. Committee president Kaveramma Somanna presided over the meeting. secretary Nandakumar and honourary secretary Prakash were present.