6-yr-old girl sexually abused by classmates

6-yr-old girl sexually abused by classmates

The girl was stripped daily and routinely assaulted by the pupils in the grounds of the Welsh school, but it took two years for education officials to investigate the victim’s torment, the Daily Mail reported.

Due to the young ages of the accused and lack of evidence little action could be taken, the school and local council said.A review has now been ordered into that investigation, which meant none of the children involved in the abuse were removed from school.

The child’s mother said, “My daughter was just like any other little girl. I will never forget the look on her face... the fear on her face. I said ‘It is OK you can tell Mummy’ and then it all started to come out.”

“And she was telling me things that I think every mother dreads to hear from their daughter. It was horrendous what she’d gone through.”The mother moved her daughter to a school in another area but it was not until she took legal action that the authority carried out a serious case review. She says her daughter is doing better but believes she will be traumatised for life.

Children’s Commissioner for Wales Keith Towler said teachers needed ongoing training to better recognise such incidents and the serious case review system in Wales would be changed to help prevent similar failures in the future.