TN, AP demand aggravates crisis

TN, AP demand aggravates crisis

Heavy overdraft on Central Power Grid by two States has left little for Karnataka

Heavy overdraft on the Central Power Grid by Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh has left little for Karnataka, forcing the State to scrounge around to meet its domestic demand.
The drawal by two neighbouring States, that are facing serious power scarcity has created a shortage of about 1,000 MW. Struggling to fill the demand-supply gap, the State will have to live with the crisis for some more time.

“Tamil Nadu alone is overdrawing over 300 MW from the Central grid,” said an official source from the power sector.

The lack of rainfall in the two major States is likely to impact on the State’s power scenario.   “If there was a rainfall like we had on Tuesday, we would have got our share of energy,” he said.

Industries hit

Thousands of industries in Bangalore have been affected by the power shortage.
“We feel completely let down. Since this being the closure of financial year, we had made commitments to deliver products on time to the clients. But the frequent power cuts have reduced us helpless,” said an industrialist.

Though the State earned some respite in March by procuring 600 MW, the situation has worsened again as the power purchase agreement lasted just a month. Making matter worse, the contribution of Varahi hydel power station to the State grid has dropped drastically.

However, there is bound to be a reprieve as some of the private players have come forward to give an additional 300 MW of power. The Chief Minister is also likely to meet the authorities from Power Sector on April 5 to mitigate the power crisis.

Other sources

Though the State is likely to get power from non-conventional sources, it is likely to be delayed further.

“If this happens the State might get upto 400 MW from the co-generation and other sources,” said an official.  

The reasons cited by the government for the severe power crisis has not convinced the industry.

The shortage has crippled the industry at the end of the financial calendar as revenue collection is maximum around this time.

An industry source claimed that the losses incurred by the businesses in the city is Rs 75 lakh a day and is likely to reach Rs one crore.

“They have absolutely no concern for the industry which is responsible for 60 per cent of their revenue,” rued Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI) President J Crasta.