'Underplaying a role is very difficult'

'Underplaying a role is very difficult'

'Underplaying a role is very difficult'
Actor Sharmiela Mandre is always up for challenges on screen. Her avatar in the upcoming movie ‘Aake’ is proof of this as she plays a young single mother who is also an aspiring actor.

In a candid conversation with Tini Sara Anien, the actor talks about the ‘Aake’ experience.

What’s on your mind now?
It’s a bag of mixed emotions — I’m excited and nervous as the movie will release soon.

Your role in ‘Aake’ is very different...
Yes! It’s something I have never done before. Playing a young mother who juggles between work and taking care of a child is challenging. She has financial issues and is separated from her husband.

What attracted you to the role?
I have always done energetic and bubbly roles and I wanted to do something more. This is a mature and restrained character and not the typical happy-go-lucky kind of girl I’ve often portrayed. When director KM Chaitanya narrated the script to me, I was instantly  intrigued.

What is the highlight of the movie?
The fact that the audience will not be able to move away from the screen will be the USP of the movie. If you miss even a few seconds of the movie, there are chances that you will not be able to make out the rest of the story.

You’re playing an actor on screen. How interesting was that?
I’m playing a struggling actor and it was a relatable experience. There are so many actors who are trying to make it big in the industry but haven’t been able to do so  for whatsoever reasons. There have been times when I didn’t get roles I badly wanted to do. It’s difficult to get a hold in the industry.

Challenges you faced while doing the role...
Underplaying a role is very difficult. The dialogue delivery was very subdued. I’ve never done such a role.

A genre you want to explore...
I love thriller and horror movies, which is why I have high hopes for ‘Aake’. I think I have watched all horror movies in English and Hindi (laughs). I love the adrenaline rush that horror movies give.

Are you a director’s actor?
Not all directors teach you how to act. Sometimes they share some inputs and I take it upon myself to develop on the role. But when a director is specific, I surrender to the director. He is the captain of the ship so everything depends on his vision.

How do you want to be remembered?
I have never been a part of the rat race. I’ve always wanted to do movies where the script is very strong. I’m a big movie buff myself and I want to be remembered for my strong acting skills and good roles.

Something you remind yourself while in front of the camera...
I always tell myself that I have to be as natural as possible. When I started off, I realised that even the smallest expression is amplified on the screen. Even the slightest grin looks huge on screen.