A tale of many woes

A tale of many woes

aspiring actors

A tale of many woes

successful Ganesh

Attracted by glamour and fanfare, many youngsters dream of entering Sandalwood and trying their luck. Everyday, scores of young aspirants knock on the doors of Gandhinagar.However, the journey to success is not so easy. Eventually, these youngsters get to see the real picture and the hardships they have to endure. And most of them give up their aspirations and move away. Only those who are strong stay on.

Naveen Sirsi, who has acted in a couple of movies, entered the industry with dreams in his eyes. Soon, he realised the difficulties.

 “I was always fascinated by the film world and one day, I just made up my mind to become an actor. I did not attend any acting classes but  practised in front of the mirror,” he says.

“I started my career as a junior artiste and worked in a few serials. I’ve acted in films like Ayya, Ba Baro Rasika and Shishya. But the work was not regular and most of the times, I was jobless. I was then forced to work in some private companies. But even after bitter experiences, I am confident of making it,” adds Naveen, who wants to follow the footsteps of Shah Rukh Khan.

“Most of my friends, who were with me in the beginning, have left the field and are working elsewhere. There is pressure from parents who like to see their children settled in a secured job. I am comfortable here and waiting for my turn without being hasty,” he adds.

 Like Naveen, there are many who are still struggling to establish themselves in this industry.  Many of them have found alternate ways to keep their spirits alive.  

The story is the same for others too. Prabhudeva, who essayed one of the prominent characters in P Sheshadri’s Vimukti, also has experiences to narrate.

Though his field of interest is acting, he tried his hand at several jobs. “The film world is full of uncertainties and not all people, who turn up here, are blessed with good fortune. One should not waste time on impossible things. People who have  financial responsibilities should think twice before entering this field,” says Prabhudeva.