Heartbreak for Premi

Heartbreak for Premi

On Wednesday, Premi lost to China’s Liu Chuang 3-1 (68-28, 46-78, 63-11, 66-14) at Yashwant Club sports complex.

Chinnapat played steadily and took the first two frames easily in best-of-five frames encounter. In the third one, Premi had the initial lead with a break of 29, but the Thai narrowed the margin with some decent knocks and good safety play.

In the end, a difficult miss of pink ball by Premi awarded the match to Chinnapat 72-21, 71-26, 65-50.

In other match, Rayan Somaratne of Sri Lanka registered his first win defeating Lawa Shakr Mazal of Iraq 3-1 (65-49, 27-50, 80-13, 71 (40)-22) after losing to Hongkong’s Wong Yun Shing in his opening match on Wednesday.

Shahbaz Khan of India made an impressive start on Wednesday, defeating Singapore’s Ong Jia Jun 3-0.

Results: Group A: Chua Weisheng Javier (Sin) bt Leong Man Hoi (HK) 3-2 (57-47, 24-75, 44-77, 66-24, 67-09).

Group C: Chinnapat Kamsad (Tha) bt Vipin Premi (Ind) 3-0 (72-21, 71-26, 65-50). Group D: Rayan Somaratne (SL) bt Lawa Shakr Mazal (Ira) 3-1 (65-49, 27-50, 80-13, 71 (40)-22).