Health programme plagued by identity crisis

Health programme plagued by identity crisis

Authenticity of info on beneficiaries posing huge challenge

The programme launched only in Gulbarga division in February has received overwhelming response till date. The majority of the beneficiaries have undergone surgery for cardiovascular, cancer, neuro and renal diseases.  
However, the programme officers are finding it difficult to shortlist the beneficiaries. Joint Director of the programme Dr Pandurang R Pujari said there has been a setback in finding the ‘real’ beneficiaries.

"We do not wish to reject any application from BPL (below poverty line) families. But the applications lack authenticity and cross-checking the information has become a huge challenge,” he said.

 For instance, he picked an application where a three-year-old girl required medical attention with surgery. However the application form which had a copy of the BPL card, had pictures of her parents and grandparents, but not that of the patient.
"The girl's family may be really in need of the medical attention, but the application lacks validity and hence there is a hitch in processing the form.  However, we are not going to reject the application. There will be a thorough cross verification," added Dr Pujari.

He however said certain
 applications do get rejected as in the case of an applicant not residing in Gulbarga division or mismatch of names and age in the BPL cards.
Executive Director of the programme G Kumar Naik says that people have become very demanding after knowing about the programme.  On asking, if the beneficiary patients would have to wait for a long time in the hospital to avail treatment, Naik said, "I am not adding extra beds to the hospital. I am just adding more to the existing load of patients in the hospital."

Of the 490 applications received, approval has been granted for 312 to avail treatment.
The patients can get treatment up to Rs 1.5 lakh including cardiovascular surgery, cancer treatment, neurological diseases, renal diseases, burns and neonatal care. 

28 hospitals
Treatment can be availed in 28 hospitals across the State. City-based BGS Global and Narayana Hrudayalaya have contributed to most of the surgeries till date.
Patients residing in Bidar, Koppal, Raichur, Bellary, Yadgir and Gulbarga and holding a BPL card only can avail the benefits of this health programme.  
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