A fretful, fetid rowdy romance

Headline: A fretful, fetid rowdy romance
Lang: Kannada (A)  
Film: Kariya 2
Cast: Santhosh Balaraj, Mayuri, Ajay Ghosh, Sadhu Kokila, Prabhakar, Ashok Vardhan
Director: Prabhu Srinivas  

Sandalwood's fascination for underworld and rowdies seems unfathomable. In regular fashion, director after director visits the same theme without any novelty to the tiring, troublesome theme. The only motive being if one can succeed, ours too. So you have Prabhu Srinivas foisting Kariya 2. His reason being if Kariya of 2003 starring Darshan could turn winner, so could Kariya 2 with Santosh Balaraj.  Pitifully, Kariya 2 turns a painful outing, to say the least.

Blood and gore splash the screen without any let as the trouble Kariya goes about his revenge against his detractors. Pegged to this violent scheme of things is an excuse of romance track where heroine Janaki hopes to fan sense into the brute of beau, so that he reforms and joins mainstream society.

As ever you have Kariya madly smitten by rather headstrong Janaki aka Janvi. His reason more maternal in nature, film's other motive of mother sentiment to woo family audience. How a petty local goon in the employ of an influential underworld don rouses to avenge and save the love of his life forms the fulcrum of Kariya 2.

Like Kariya, who is afflicted with mental disorder following severe head injury, with memory playing tricks, audiences too suffer similar migraine. What makes Kariya 2 obnoxious is the gross comedy that is simply unpalatable.

Depiste appreciable performances from its lead, director Prabhu Srinivas renders Kariya 2 another uninteresting trite tale of love and revenge.

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