A star is born

A star is born

In between all the fireworks, ‘Deepavali’ shopping and card games, one cannot forget to catch the latest festival release. This time of the year, it’s Aamir Khan’s ‘Secret Superstar’ that has become the talk of the town.

The story revolves around a teenager, played by Zaira Wasim, who wants to make it big in the music industry but her abusive father would rather have her grow up as a normal girl so that she could serve him. But she wanted to take a stand for herself and decided to start uploading videos of her singing on YouTube. Eventually, she becomes the burqa-clad anonymous singer that people just couldn’t get enough of.

Like every other film that Aamir Khan does, this one too had a message to convey. It spoke about how the internet has become such a powerful tool these days and the bond between a mother and daughter. Aamir played the role of a producer in the film. Danish Sait, actor and comedian, enjoyed the movie thoroughly and recommends everyone to watch the film.

He says, “There were so many portions of the film that I could relate to, especially about the domestic abuse part. I called my mother right after watching the film and thanked her for being the person she is and for the way she raised me and my sister, Kubra.”

Danish recalls that it was through the constant support of his mother, Yasmin Sait, that he has reached where he is now just like Zaira in the film.
“Aamir is a legend and I’ve always been a huge fan of his work. He always has a lovely message to convey and chooses to do topics that are relevant to the society. I’m sure that 20 years down the line, people are going to watch the film and wonder why it’s done because by then children would not have to ask anybody to follow their dreams. His movies might just be the reason for that change.”

Shikha Sharma, a content writer, too felt that this was a great film. She explains, “I loved the way they showed the bond between the mother and daughter. The daughter was aware of her mother’s situation, so she did whatever she could in her power to keep that intact and also pursue her dreams. It was very natural.”

Being a huge Aamir Khan fan, ‘Secret Superstar’ was a film that Shikha has patiently been waiting for.
“Apart from being a perfectionist, he always tries to make movies that could bring about a change. His movies are not just about entertaining the audience but also educating people in the process. His funky role also added another dimension to the character,” she adds.

The release of the film sure seemed like the perfect way to spend the weekend for Sweta Nair, an account executive.

“I didn’t expect too much from the film, to be honest, but I’m glad my friends came with me to watch the film. There is something to think, talk and enjoy at the same time. Looks like Indian cinema is making interesting content these days. I hope to see more such films in the future,” says Sweta.

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