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Last Updated : 24 October 2017, 20:16 IST
Last Updated : 24 October 2017, 20:16 IST

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My childhood memories have always been ‘delicious’ ones. My mother and grandmother are great cooks and they would often spend hours in the kitchen, making something absolutely mouthwatering. I loved growing up in that house.

After marriage, my mother-in-law became my guiding light in everything I do in the kitchen. She’s also a fantastic cook who often gives me feedback on my experiments.

I hail from Udupi and coastal Karnataka food is something I grew up having and eventually cooking as well. I did my PhD in biofuels, so research and finding new things is something that I am trained well in. I apply this in my cooking as well.

I am always busy as I have three-year-old twins to take care of. But even between the busy schedule, I try to find some time for myself and look for new ways to make delicious dishes.

I joined a few Facebook groups which inspired me to experiment more. It’s been a year since I started my blog ‘Dice n Cook’. My husband and brother thought it was a great idea for me to have a record of my creations. ‘Plattershare’ too has helped me a lot. I took part in a contest they held and that’s when I realised that it gives great exposure to home chefs like me.

I find cooking to be a stress-busting activity. Whenever I see my family and loved ones enjoy my food, I know that I have accomplished something.

My kids too have become very demanding in terms of what they want to eat. That’s why I experiment to make healthy dishes for them. I try a lot of eggless healthy baking recipes. You will
also always find cookies at my house, thanks to my kids.

The recipe I’m sharing today is of ‘Apple cinnamon guliyappa’ which is a dish prepared by using Gobindobhog rice. The rice is a superior quality one grown in West Bengal and a staple in every Bengali household. It’s white, sticky and short rice with a buttery aroma. 

Apples and cinnamon are classic combinations. Infuse that flavour in the rice and you have a soft-like-a-pillow ‘appe’ and a perfect snack for your kids.


  •  Apple (big), 1
  •  Gobindobhog rice, 1 cup
  •  Jaggery powder, ¾ cup
  •  Fresh coconut (grated), ¾ cup
  • Cinnamon powder, ½ tsp
  •  Ghee, 3 tbsp
  •  Oil, 2 tbsp
  •  Salt as required
  •  A pinch of cooking soda (optional)
  •  Water as required
  •  Take a bowl and soak rice in water for two hours.
  •  After two hours, take a mixer jar, add soaked rice, grated coconut, jaggery powder and prepare a fine paste.
  •  Pour this into the bowl, add salt and cinnamon powder.
  •  Peel the skin from apple and grate it. Add this directly to the rice batter and mix well.
  •  Keep this batter for 15 minutes for it to set.
  •  In the meantime, heat the ‘appe’ pan on medium flame, mix oil and ghee together and keep aside.
  •  Just before preparing the ‘appe’, add cooking soda and mix well.
  •  Grease the ‘appe’ pan, keep on medium flame, pour the batter into each well, close and cook.
  •  After half way, add ghee mixture on the sides, close again and cook. Reverse and cook again.
  •  ‘Apple cinnamon guliyappa’ or ‘appe’ is ready to be served hot with
  • ghee.
  •  Ghee can be added on sides to get nice crisp outer and inner soft ‘guliyappa’ or ‘appe’.
  •  The rice I have used is aromatic and adds to the appeal of the ‘guliyappa’.
  •  Medium flame and ghee is the key to give a nice golden colour to the ‘guliyappa’.
Published 24 October 2017, 15:39 IST

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